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George Bush’s SuperBowl troop surge

January 13, 2007

If we’re serious about winning this war, we’re going to have to put more troops on the ground, and put more Baby Jesus in the SuperBowl. Or so says the President.

John Kerry is no Stephen Colbert

November 4, 2006

He’s the new Lenny Bruce. Well, OK, the new Dane Cook. With the election looming, don’t you wish he’d just leave the standup comedy to the experts? “Take my wife Teressa, please… no, seriously….”

The Wu Tang, the Art of War, and the War in Iraq

October 20, 2006

The book ‘The Art of War’ is considered a seminal work of military strategy.  And increasingly, it’s embraced by the rap community as a guide to survival in the cutthroat music industry….