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Borat. Because today, we are all Kazakhstanis.

September 11, 2006

Or at least we will be when the movie comes out.

Good Sasha Baron Cohen profile today in the Guardian. There was an excellent profile of him in Vanity Fair a while back that went into great detail about his ability to stay in character even when things start to go prear shaped. Sadly, doesn’t seem to be online anywhere.

I’ll add more links later, hopefully. Like this Patton Oswalt interview that gets into some Borat stuff towards the end of it (Patton worked on the movie…) And the full length UK trailer (which has stuff in it that isn’t in the trailer I posted below)

And now, the Borat press conference outside the Kazakhstani embassy… a must-see.
For now, the trailer.

Borat on Conan

And some footage of Borat covering for a projector breakdown at a preview screening (starts out shaky, then gets a bit more watchable…)