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Pure Imagination – Willie Wonka at Burning Man

September 29, 2006

Not comedy but hey, it’s my blog and I get to do what i want. I filmed this at Burning Man in ’03, editied it, then prtomptly misplaced the tape. I finally got round to re-editing it this week, messing around with iMovie. Anyway the singer is my friend Ali Johnston.

And here’s some more footage I filmed that year (with a similar singing motif, only, well, you’ll see…)

The Belgian Waffle and Serpent Mother at Burning Man 2006

September 5, 2006

Not strictly comedy, but this explosion in a french-fry factory was one of the most talked-about structures at Burning Man this year. According to, the installation’s true name is “Uchronia” — named after a Belgian art movement centered on a world without the concept of time (it was built by Belgians). I heard it described as “message from the future”. But pretty much everyone called it the Belgian Waffle.

And if you want to see it burn, you can see that here.

And then, there was the Serpent Mother…

And not forgetting the Burn itself

Just got back from Burning Man 2006

September 5, 2006

And eventually I’ll post some video of the event. For now, here’s me doing stand up at the spoken word stage to an audience of somewhat bemused hippys.

Murdering the Monkees at Burning Man

August 24, 2006

Me at the spoken word stage

Not strictly comedy, but I’m going to Burning Man next week and, fingers crossed, I will be performing stand up. My first real “public performance” took place on the spoken word stage a few years ago, and for the entirety of it,my left arm shook like I was the guy who won Last Comic Standing. And I’m not just saying that – it was like all my on-stage anxieties had just said, “OK, you can have the rest of the body, but from the left elbow on down, we’re getting twitchy…” Anyway here’s some film of our camp murdering I’m A Believer by the Monkees (midway through the usual playa travelogue…)