Will Franken podcast

August 20, 2006

Will Franken

Will is, of course, a comedy genius. He has a head full of ideas that – ahem – blow my mind, man. Much as I love Eddie Izzard, going to see Will is like watching a comperable talent, only up much closer….
Anyway, here is his podcast.

Here is part one of a cool interview with him on the Mike and Ian Show.

Here is part two of the Mike and Ian interview with Will.

And Will on the Sound of Young America podcast.

Will as a guest on the R U Sirius show.

And finally, for now, Will interviewed in the Gothamist.

George Bush backrub fiasco…

August 19, 2006

Did he learn nothing watching Pulp Fiction.  To date, this is my biggest viral hit.  Even though it goes on a little too long and kind of fizzles out.  At one point it was in the YouTube top 20, and probably the lowest rated video in the YouTube top 40. Oh well…

Cancel the Account

August 19, 2006

This was my first stab at a ‘viral video’, even though the news story was already a week or so old.  And that was many weeks ago.  As noted, I started by posting my newest clips and this is one of my older ones….

The Scottish and the Mexicans

August 19, 2006

Yes, I really do perform comedy in places other than in front of a camera in my – ahem – viral video studio… Here’s me explaining what the Scottish and the Mexicans have in common…

Barry Bonds dealer Vs. my dealer…

August 19, 2006

Barry Bonds is still in the news, and so is his trainer….

The smiley intervention….

August 19, 2006

If you use too many smiley faces in your e-mails, you should probably see this….

I think my TiVo might be gay… it loves Project Runway

August 19, 2006

And really, I’m OK with that. I think people have it wrong when they assume TiVo’s got their taste in television all wrong….

The man who shot the Pope

August 18, 2006

Remember him? OK, it was way back in January. But I alays enjoyed performing this particular bit, so here it is preserved for posterity. Or until the secret Vatican guard do me in.

Dell Laptop Fire Safety Hints – who will save the porn?

August 17, 2006

See also Apple iBook fires, apparently, and a Sony battery recall. And while we’re at it, what exactly is a porn magnet?