Top ten Oscars Twitter tweets

From yours truly….

Greenlit in Hollywood tonight: Slumdog Billion- and Gazillionaire… wrapping poverty/gameshow/alien invasion trilogy (ET in pt3)

Oscar to Winslet: “I may not be a shampoo bottle, but you can still….” (you can self assemble this one yourself, gentle reader…)

OK, so Oscar campaign over, can Mickey Rourke lose the funny mask…. oh… um…. nevermind.

Phillip Seymore Hoffman: “Does this hat make my head look fat?”

Ledger to Stiller: Never go full retard, if in doubt, go full corpse.

Screenwriters represented by typewriter font. Will R. Downey Jr. & Mickey R. get “lines o’ coke” font?

If this year’s “musical Oscars” flops, next year it’s “Oscars inspired by the films of Leni Riefenstahl and Russ Meyer.”

Oscar red carpet de-blinged to respect current economic climate. Less caviar being purged in limos on way to event, also.

Miley Cyrus sadly not pulling “misunderstood” black-face stunt.

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