Rudi Giuliani’s prostate cancer lies

Rudi’s been less than honest when it comes to facts about his cancer survival chances. What an asshole.

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4 Comments on “Rudi Giuliani’s prostate cancer lies”

  1. Hysterical!
    Farting is funny! Ask any kid!

    Angels do fart, incase you were wondering,especially Art Angels, but they smell like clouds and they’re pink.

    Helium is my favorite gas.

    The world is a mess.

  2. theartangel Says:

    a.k.a. bethann shannon

    Not your typical angel…I LOVE you’re work!

  3. theartangel Says:

    Correction: I Love Your Work!

    I’m not famous for good spelling, or good writing for that matter!
    (Where is “spell check”when you need it?)

    The world needs comedy…even though sometimes it is cruel…we need the comic relief!

    Thank God for comedians!

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