Earth Day 2007 – Shark Vs. Polar bear

It’s Earth Day on Sunday the 22nd, and it’s all about the polar bear.  Or sharks.  Or government flacks suppressing scientific reports on global warming.  Or all of the above…

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2 Comments on “Earth Day 2007 – Shark Vs. Polar bear”

  1. Gorilla Guys Says:

    I made a promise not to eat shark if the sharks would only promise not to eat humans. didnt work out. mako is fucking delicious.

  2. Jake Leonard Says:

    Good point.

    I have to admit (referring to Gorilla Guys’ comment), I ate shark at six years old when I lived in Texas. I disliked the taste (it would rather be suitable to be bait for the delicious fish and seafood out there)

    Mark, great site. Maybe you should drop by sometime and check my blog out soon.

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