Alabama sex toy laws – who’s really to blame?

Over at Sex in the Public Square,  guest blogger Tom Joaquin of The Free Lance posted on Alabama’s anti-sex toy laws.  He poses the question, when is a vibrator more dangerous than a gun? Which got me to wondering who the real culprits might be – and it may not be who you think.  Additional credit due to JanieBelle at UDreamofJanie who’s comments on the subject got my creative juices, erm, y’know…

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6 Comments on “Alabama sex toy laws – who’s really to blame?”

  1. hahah sex toys in Fight-Vids! Now theres an idea we havn’t explored yet! 😛

    btw if your interested, we could sort out some linking? 😉

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  5. Yea the great state of Alabama. And lets not forget Texas where you can’t sell them in the stores however you can sell them online. You would be suprised how may online adult toys shops there are based out of Texas and Alabama.

    You can go to Walgreens and buy all the lubes and warming oils you want to “Increase Your Sexual Pleasure” as they are advertised and that is ok. These states need to get a reality check and until we keep fighting we will never have privacy in the bedroom.

    Personally I feel if they want to get a search warrant, for having a bunch of toys in my home for my personal use then this is a total waste of tax dollars. Tax dollars shoud be used for shutting down the crack houses and meth labs that are cropping up all over the place. Come on over and take a look.

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