Will it blend? iPods, iPhones, the Constitution…

 You just know that the guywith the Blendtec blender is itching to blend an iPhone.  But buyer beware – before you consider the purchase of an over-powered internet-advertised kitchen appliance, heed this warning. There is one  question you  should ask and  it’s not “will it blend”…

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3 Comments on “Will it blend? iPods, iPhones, the Constitution…”

  1. I’d paypal ya 5 bucks if you blended us up an iPhone. mmm tasty!

    thanx for the comment

  2. Fan? Says:

    Oddly addicting, you have a good thing going. I would suggest using newspapers clip outs to get your material from rather then what lies around the house, or for that matter what lies between britney spears legs, though sometimes they are one in the same – huh? you know what I mean. Remember to focus on your audience, funny that I’m giving you tips well I just have a feeling, I’m not sure if this is the feeling of wow he could go somewhere, or lets encourage the guy so that he ends up like the chess club champion on prom night.


    more… pub jokes.

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