Britney Spears’ crotch, Mel Gibson and the joys of no underwear

Britney Spears grasps the secret of good comedy in a week when her crotch was Googled constantly…. This report has been filed for parody purposes only…

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22 Comments on “Britney Spears’ crotch, Mel Gibson and the joys of no underwear”

  1. extrapolater Says:

    Mark, thanks for letting me know about revver. I embedded it at, and it basically puts your new videos up without me having to lift a finger – brilliant!

    I also did my take on the Spears’ private parts furor there. Oddly enough, it’s a travelogue.

    Hilarious as always!

  2. narayan Says:

    Oh my God! That was fantastic! Thanks man for the great insight in real comedy. Great blog, man. For real! 😉

  3. xyroclast Says:

    Lol! Let me know how your stats turn out!

  4. thesoftrant Says:

    I too struggled with the choice of whether to cover/not cover the topic of Britney’s uncovered vagina. When it comes to content choices, I don’t usually go down there … great video.

  5. i have to admit dude you’ve got a knack for funny shit. i want some of that drink. -fn

  6. […]  Oh I nearly forgot, you realy need to check this out. Click “here” for a video made by Mark Day, its soo funny […]

  7. puddlejumper Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for dropping by my post.

    Loved the sketch.

    Britney, George, Mel and the word “shadenfreude” (one of my favourite words)

    And a fellow Scot too.

    Keep fighting the good fight.


  8. squawkboxnoise Says:

    Great sketch amaigo. Keep making those videos.

    Thanks for stopping by my humble abode btw.

  9. vipnews Says:

    Lol, that ish was funny… according to your accent I would say you are from England, right? Scotland? keep the video clips coming…

    For those who are interested, you can view the crotch pictures here:

  10. petegraham Says:

    Haha good stuff mate, Satire-tastic! I like your how your camera work jumps about.

  11. raincoaster Says:

    Where CAN’T you view the crotch pictures? Even Robert Scoble has been reduced to blogging about porn shots.

    Great to see you on WordPress; been following you on YouTube for quite awhile. Putting the mug on my Christmas list for sure.

  12. haamaan Says:

    LOL hilarious comedy

  13. Hey Mark-

    I’m a huge fan of your show, and since I was sick this week, I watched a bunch to keep my spirits high.

    I wanted to let you know that you were featured on the latest episode of Focus PulverTV’s video review show that covers programs on Network2. I figured that if you were providing work for parody purposes, there was only one thing to do….


  14. Cameron Says:

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