The real reason Google bought YouTube

Well, it happened.  Google threw a bunch of cash at YouTube.  Time to break out the champagne if you’re YouTube and the  of beers (that’s Miller High Life) if you’re a user-generated-content creator.   Still, I’m sure the Chadster is still going to take my calls, right?  Now he’s got two George Washingtons to splurge on… well, a haircut would be a good place to start.  Here’s my take on the whole cash-rich video palaver…

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6 Comments on “The real reason Google bought YouTube”

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  2. steve Says:

    haha brilliant 🙂 you should be on TV!

  3. SaveTube Says:

    Loolll thats hilarious :O

  4. I agree, you are one funny dude.

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    The real reason Google bought « For parody purposes only

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