Farewell then, Croc Hunter. Crocodiles, your credibility is in tatters…

Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter, was stung by a stingray, and now he’s gone to the great wildlife preserve in the sky. With the Croc Hunter dead, that leaves a lot of very embarrassed looking crocodiles….

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3 Comments on “Farewell then, Croc Hunter. Crocodiles, your credibility is in tatters…”

  1. nalts Says:

    Wonderfully tasteless, hysterical and timely.

  2. […] Australian native and California-based Mark Day gives crocodiles the abuse they deserve for never having finished off Steve Irwin (the Croc Hunter that sadly died from a sting ray this week). Day’s short comedic bits are funny, tasteless and timely. This one ends especially well and you’ll appreciate it unless you’re PETA, still getting over Irwin’s early demise or a fan of Paris Hilton. I wonder if there are more PETA members than Paris Hilton fans? […]

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