The Belgian Waffle and Serpent Mother at Burning Man 2006

Not strictly comedy, but this explosion in a french-fry factory was one of the most talked-about structures at Burning Man this year. According to, the installation’s true name is “Uchronia” — named after a Belgian art movement centered on a world without the concept of time (it was built by Belgians). I heard it described as “message from the future”. But pretty much everyone called it the Belgian Waffle.

And if you want to see it burn, you can see that here.

And then, there was the Serpent Mother…

And not forgetting the Burn itself

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6 Comments on “The Belgian Waffle and Serpent Mother at Burning Man 2006”

  1. olivier Says:

    For a few short films about the Flaming Lotus Girls and more check out:


  2. raincoaster Says:

    Nothing I’ve ever seen has destroyed my ideals more than the sight of people in Mom Jean Bermuda Shorts at Burning Man.

  3. Epex Says:

    Damn I need to visit Burning man sometime..

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