72 virgins…. WWJD (what would Jenna do?)

Someday we’ll look back on 72 virgins jokes as the airline peanuts jokes of their era (and seventy two peanuts? you’d be lucky to get seven… or maybe two…) but for now? I think there’s still time… anyway, what are our adult film stars doing for the war effort?

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3 Comments on “72 virgins…. WWJD (what would Jenna do?)”

  1. Rob Anderson Says:

    This is VERY funny. Really, those of you reading this should bookmark this site. No, wait…you should bookmark this site, open a YouTube account and list this as one of your “Favorites”. In fact, you should come and see Mark’s set when he’s working the clubs. Yes, that’s right, even YOU Mr. Brooklyn. I don’t care where you currently are, Mark deserves – nay, has EARNED – your unconditional love and devotion. You really can’t say that you’re a connoiseur of modern stand-up unless Mark Day is on your to-do list. So get snapping.

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